Product information

Doing it yourself is learning yourself

The patented Gametimer concept is unique due to the advanced Timer with App that has been specially developed to manage screen time. Children play an important role because they can operate the Gametimer themselves and learn in an educational way that Stop and Pause are part of screen use. Gametimer deliberately does not turn off devices or screens, but does let you know audiovisually when time has passed. After this, children can end their game properly and say goodbye to their online friends. Talk to your child, make clear agreements about daily screen time and put this in the Gametimer. Unnecessary discussions will no longer take place and it will remain cozy at home!

What is expected of you

  • Have a conversation with your child
  • Make clear agreements with your child about screen time (creating support)
  • Put these appointments in the Gametimer App
  • Then give the Gametimer to your child
  • You will be surprised how quickly the Gametimer is accepted
Your child can operate the robust Gametimer themselves, but doing it yourself is learning
  • Gametimer is the only Timer accepted by children
  • Because they can operate the Gametimer themselves
  • Within the set limits, your child decides when the time is used up
  • Tampering is not possible because there are no control buttons
  • Gametimer is strong and tough and specially developed for children
Game timer settings:
  • Day time: for example, may only be used between 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM
  • Weekly clock: advanced weekly clock Mon to Sun, play times can be set per day
  • Playing time: for example: two hours per day or 4 playing times of 30 minutes
  • Break: a break between playing times, you set how long this break is
  • Holiday modes: quickly change the day time to another day setting
  • Statistics: you can view a 7-day history of how the Gametimer has been used
  • Travel modes: the digital on/off button
  • Wallet: reward your child every week when the Gametimer has been used properly
  • (Wallet will be available from May 2024)
    Sitting in front of a screen too much can lead to:
    • Myopia ( myopia 20-20-2 rule )
    • Sleep problems
    • Irritability
    • Obesity
    • Loss of social contacts
    • Poor school results
    Product specifications:
    • USB Rechargeable (1 charge for 1 month of operation)
    • Suitable for children of all ages
    • Suitable for all screens and devices
    • Robust and strong
    • Do not turn off devices or screens to avoid disappointment or arguments

      Game timer, reduces your child's screen time

      Gametimer is the ultimate solution. Our colorful playful hourglass shaped Timer is designed to be psychologically appealing to children. Forget working with clocks and simple timers, these will never produce the desired result. Gametimer is available in 4 colors.

      Gametimer creates awareness and behavioral change . Children also learn to organize and plan their screen time because they can arrange the agreed screen time themselves. The Gametimer is always right about how screen time will positively impact the relationship between you and your child. If you introduce Gametimer at a young age, it will have a positive effect later in life.

      How does Gametimer work: Play and Stop

      Place the Gametimer with the GREEN side up to start the Timer. The lights will go out from top to bottom (hourglass operation). For young children it is easy to see how much time is left. For older children, the display shows exactly what is happening in minutes and seconds. As soon as the last light goes out, the time has been used up and a sound will be heard that will only stop when the RED side is turned up.

      Pause: Turn the Gametimer horizontally to pause for a short time. The Gametimer emits a signal in pause mode, first every minute and if it takes longer, every 15 seconds. This way everyone knows that pause mode is on and no time is being used.

      Multiple Gametimers

      In the App you can add multiple Gametimers to an account so that each child can operate their own Gametimer. If you connect multiple Gametimers to the App, the costs for the App will not increase.

      Contents of order:

      • 1 x Game timer
      • 1 x USB charging cable
      • 1 x Manual and safety instruction.
      Gametimer is the ultimate tool to manage screen time.