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We are a driven and enthusiastic team that is committed to helping families make good agreements about screen time. Our story began when, as parents, we noticed that managing screen time became a daily challenge, full of negotiations and discussions.

Our mission

Gametimer was born from the need to create a harmonious balance between screen time and healthy activities. Our mission is simple: Help parents and children manage screen time in a fun and responsible way.

What does Gametimer offer?

Our innovative product, the Gametimer, is not just a screen timer. It is a tool that teaches children to manage their screen time independently and responsibly, while parents gain valuable insights into their kids' digital habits. With Gametimer we place the responsibility on the children themselves, but within the limits set by the parents.

Our story

Gametimer has already helped many families to avoid arguments and discussions about screen time. We are proud of the positive feedback and success stories we receive from our community every day.

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At Gametimer we believe in building a community where parents can support each other and exchange ideas about parenting in the digital age. Join our social media and share your experiences, successes and challenges with the Gametimer!

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